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Fishing Creels

Read more about Fishing Creels- A Brief History and Use

Learn How a Creel is Made

Not just for fishing, creels can also be used as a foraging basket for mushrooms, berries, nuts or other wild edibles!

Two-Tone Fishing Creel- SOLD
Tri-Color Creel

Foraging, Harvest and Storage Baskets

Pack Baskets


Handmade Woven Back Quiver with Adjustable Strap. Each quiver is finished with tung oil as a preservative. A disc of wood and cork placed in the bottom protects the base of the quiver from damage caused by arrowheads.

Perfect for the Traditional Archer or Bow Hunter, Longbow and Recurve

Custom lengths can be requested for use with crossbow bolts or youth arrows.

Purses, Totes & Market Baskets

Perfect for fetching veggies from the Farmer’s Market or taking your sunscreen and towels to the beach!

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